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We are pleased to issue a Policy Position on Supportive Housing in NJ. This document is a compilation of issues and priorities for a strengthened supportive housing industry that has been composed with input from providers, consumers, families and government representatives. We invite you to share the statement and to work with us to improve opportunities in housing and supports for people with special needs.

Policy Position on Supportive Housing | The Supportive Housing Association of NJ (SHA)

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This position statement highlights the ongoing critical elements of the supportive housing system in New Jersey that require attention and reform in order to make housing accessible to those most in need. We call upon the Christie Administration, state legislators, members of Congress, fellow advocates, SHA members, families and consumers to work together to address these issues and create solutions so that we can advance a strong and robust supportive housing industry.

Supportive Housing is a philosophy and model for community living that advocates the development of safe, permanent, affordable homes with supportive services in communities across the state and country for people who live with special needs. It is an approach that regards housing as a human right, with the opportunity to integrate into one's community and live as one chooses, with support. It is a simple concept: housing plus support. Although there are various approaches and models, typically tenants (lease holders) rent affordable housing units with access to services and community support to help them stay housed, safe and healthy. *

We are proud of the many components of the system that are already strong and functioning as we continue to work closely with our government partners, New Jersey Department of Human Services, Department of Community Affairs, and Housing & Mortgage Finance Agency (HMFA). Supportive housing is good for the economy and provides opportunities for people to assimilate into society, living with dignity and becoming as self-sufficient as possible.

Policy Position on Supportive Housing - Click here 

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