2017 NJ Supportive Housing Conference Awards

The annual SHA Awards recognize successful initiatives and honor the leadership and dedication of outstanding individuals and organizations that increase permanent supportive housing opportunities for special populations in New Jersey. The effectiveness of supportive housing depends on the willingness to take risks and experiment with innovative approaches and strategies. We believe that supportive housing models will continue to evolve to a place where there will be many more options both in architectural design and federal/state policies that will accommodate more innovation and the mixing of public and private dollars to expand the industry.

The awards are designed to highlight the unwavering commitment of the nominees to transform the lives of those with special needs in order to inspire others and increase awareness of the need for housing and supportive services. The awards showcase models of excellence in design, operations and management of supportive housing.

SHA believes it is important to emphasize the success of our state's supportive housing projects.

19th Annual NJ SHA Conference and Award Ceremony: Friday, December 1, 2017

2017 SHA NJ Supportive Housing Award Winners

Direct Support Staff Award

Ryan Cropper, Jewish Family Services of Atlantic and Cape May County

Supportive Housing Tenant Award

Morgan Wilson, Oaks Integrated Care

Supportive Housing Municipal Award

Borough of Allendale - Mayor Liz White

Supportive Housing Project Award

Very Special Homes, Fort Lee, NJ

Bergen County United Way, Madeline Housing Partners, and New Horizons in Autism

Supportive Housing Project Award

Emerson Veterans Supportive Housing, Emerson, NJ

Housing Development Corporation of Bergen County, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Newark, and Monarch Housing Associates

2017 SHA Cornerstone Award for Lifetime Achievement

– Presented to Richard Brown, Monarch Housing Associates

SHA extends our thanks to all of this year's nominees.

Awards were presented at the NJ Supportive Housing Conference on Friday, December 1st.

Award Categories

SHA NJ Supportive Housing Municipal Award

The Supportive Housing Municipal Award recognizes the accomplishments of a town or city that has proactively created supportive housing opportunities for people with disabilities and other special needs. This can be in the form of housing plans that creatively incorporate housing for special needs, the use of municipal housing trust funds for special needs housing, or municipal initiatives with non-profit providers or families for the benefit of community integration and access by those living with a disability.

SHA NJ Supportive Housing Tenant Award

This award recognizes an individual living in a supportive housing setting who exemplifies an outstanding tenant though their actions and support of fellow residents. The nominee should currently live in supportive housing and has held residency for 1 year or more. The individual should demonstrate leadership in advancing the goals and concept of supportive housing. Some examples of how the tenant's leadership might be demonstrated include:
- Advocating for the concept of supportive housing in the larger community
- Encouraging and supporting fellow residents in their effort to live with stability, autonomy and dignity in a formal or informal manner
- Acting as a role model for fellow supportive housing residents by achieving his or her individual goals
- Striving to make his or her community a better place for everyone
Award recipient will be publically recognized at the NJ Supportive Housing Conference. In addition to the Supportive Housing Tenant Award, honoree will receive a cash award.

SHA NJ Direct Support Staff Award

This award recognizes the hard work and dedication of staff that provide direct support to supportive housing tenants in New Jersey. The support staff is a critical component, if not the most critical component, to the success of supportive housing. Outstanding achievements of a direct support staff person or supervisor exemplifies the following:
- Delivers the highest quality of services to their residents
- Continually promotes the agency's mission and demonstrates professionalism
- Strives to better one's knowledge of their respective service field
- Implements innovative thinking and programs for the residents
- Respected by their peers, colleagues and the residents as well as the community at large for their work
- Leads the development of resources or policies that expand access to supportive housing
- Advocates for people with special needs to live with stability, autonomy and dignity
- Spearheads grass roots or formal advocacy initiatives related to supportive housing
Awardees reflect qualities that distinguish them from others in their field.

SHA NJ Civic Leadership Award

This award recognizes the efforts of a local government, agency, elected official or public employee who has demonstrated leadership in facilitating supportive housing projects and programs in the state of New Jersey. Nominees deemed eligible include both organizations and individuals, such as municipal leaders, local advocates, and elected officials at a local and/or state level. Accomplishments achieved by nominees may include:
- Risks undertaken by nominee
- Examples of how the nominee has gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist supportive housing and/or those with special needs
- For individuals, brief bio/career history of the candidate highlighting their ongoing commitment to supportive housing
- Proven action, innovations or recent work that has affected change in the supportive housing field
- Proven personal or organization integrity around preventing and ending homelessness and meeting the needs of the special needs population

SHA NJ Cornerstone Distinguished Service Award

This award celebrates the lifetime of successes an individual has committed to improving the lives of individuals and families and the health of the community through recognition that decent, affordable supportive housing is basic to our social fabric. Nominee has spent a career advocating on behalf of individuals with special needs. The Award Recipient demonstrates exemplary, state of the art responses to providing affordable supportive housing and/or support services.

SHA NJ Supportive Housing Project of the Year

Awardees meet the following criteria:
- Provides permanent, affordable, lease-based housing for people with disabilities, the homeless and other special needs
- Enables residents to live independently in the community of their choice
- Promotes diversity, social inclusion, integration, and adds to the quality of life for the residents and the surrounding community
- Offers successful supportive service programs to assist tenants to move towards independence and self-sufficiency
- Provides housing in close proximity to transportation, employment opportunities, and health/wellness services

Eligible projects will be judged on the following criteria:
The supportive housing project being nominated could also utilize innovative partnerships, creation of spaces, sustainable building practices and advance technologies; implement innovative services and/or advance the vitality of the neighborhood.
- Incorporates design excellence that addresses the needs of the tenants
- Employs cost-effectiveness including energy efficiency and sustainable development
- Positively impacts overall community revitalization or social change
- Sets a new standard or pioneers a new method
- Receives broad community support
- Addresses a unique challenge and demonstrates creative problem solving

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