The RESILIENT Response to COVID-19

As we venture out into a different and unique world, unlike anything we have and maybe will ever experience in our lifetimes, we have a unique opportunity to leverage this tragedy into many triumphs, both professionally and personally. Our greatest power, our power to choose, is ready for us to ignite how we decide to move forward. In this highly engaging, motivational, inspiration, and action-oriented presentation, Scott Chesney, will serve as your tour guide on this journey of self-recovery and self-discovery and help you to access this blueprint to your own courageous comeback.

Keynote Panel
Housing as a Human Right: Including Everyone

With new funding and a new realization on what works and what doesn’t, now is the time to transform our approach to homelessness from one of managing the problem to ending it. Embracing a philosophy of housing as a fundamental human right would declare the priority, harness the potential for change and redirect the policy and resources available to provide homes for all.  Join this conversation with national leaders who have used research and data to strategically inform recommendations to build a roadmap to ending homelessness in our time.


Workshop Sessions

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

10:15 AM - 11:15 AM | Session 1

The Old Way Just Isn’t Working: Person-Centered, Data-Driven, Technology First Care

The need for services increases while provider agencies continue to face challenges with staff shortages, budget cuts, and unstable funding sources. These challenges demand an innovative solution and a shift from the traditional care model. Integrating technology and providing remote support is a proven solution that many stakeholders are familiar with, but too few actively take the necessary first steps. This session will be a dynamic conversation between leaders on an innovative technology-first approach and how to implement this transformative care model to address questions on barriers, cost, impact, risk, capacity, and sustainability. 


Meghan O'Sullivan 
Founder, At Home Technologies LLC


Minding the Gap - Narrowing the Financing Gap in Development

New or renewed capital funding alone will not solve all financing needs for supportive developments.  This panel with explore how successful collaborations with municipal and financial partners can bridge the gap that leads to much needed homes for people with special needs.


Randi Moore
Affordable Housing Alliance

Jason Ray
SimplyHome, LLC


Nathan Gerhard
Associate Executive Director
for Intellectual Disabilities Services
Keystone Human Services, PA


Asish Patel
Monarch Housing

Jacob Day
Community Investment
Business Development Associate
Federal Home Loan Bank of New York

Rosy Dafonseca
Assistant Director of Multifamily/Supported
Housing and Lending

Erin Stankiewicz

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

11:45 AM - 12:45 PM | Session 2

What’s Next for Behavioral Health Benefits in New Jersey FamilyCare?

This workshop will examine the behavioral health landscape in other state Medicaid markets across the nation as well as proposed changes to mental health and substance abuse service delivery in New Jersey.  Integration of physical health and behavioral health care can produce better health outcomes via a whole person care framework.  New Jersey is applying to the federal government for approval to integrate physical health and behavioral health care services within the New Jersey FamilyCare program.  This panel will discuss the experiences of other states that have integrated these services.

At the Intersection of Health and Housing, Partnerships to End Homelessness

The State of New Jersey is continuing to commit resources to support the scale of innovative community-based solutions to address the needs of vulnerable, at-risk populations facing homelessness. Cross sector collaborations and partnerships are at the heart of innovative trends where homelessness has become a critical challenge. Through this moderated panel discussion practitioners in the field from California, New York and New Jersey will highlight emerging models of partnerships being developed to support at-risk, homeless populations at the intersection of health and housing. The panel will discuss critical components for success including designing co-located services, and opportunities for new financing models through Medicaid reimbursements and other impact investing models.

Ann Basil, LCSW
Director of Behavioral Health Services
Amerigroup NJ, Inc.

Dr. Dheeraj Raina
Manager, Medical Director
Anthem, Inc.

Dr. Fatimah Tahil
Medical Director
Amerigroup NJ, Inc.

Pat Gillespie
RVP for State Affairs

Candace Robinson
Director, Healthy Communities
Capital Impact Partners

Brenda Goldstein
Chief of Integrated Services
Lifelong Medical, Berkeley CA

Mohini Mishra
Vice President
Selfhelp NYC

Nadine Azari
Monarch Housing

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

10:15 AM - 11:15 AM | Session 1

Mission Ready: Supporting Veterans with Permanent Homes & Services

National experts discuss policy and strategy to combat issues facing homeless veterans while New Jersey leaders offer successful models of community-based projects that are quickly becoming a blueprint for opening doors for veterans across the nation.


Addressing Inequities Creates Healthy Communities

At no time have factors converged that more clearly illuminate the links between the risks of climate change, decades of racial inequity and health disparities.  Can the key to addressing all be creating affordable, green homes? Stakeholders from the sectors of health, investment and development discuss a future of sustainable opportunities for all.

Kathryn Monet
National Coalition
for Homeless Veterans

Jim Scanlon
Ad Hoc Chairman
Affordable Housing
for at Risk / Homeless Veterans
National Commission
on Homelessness
Past Department Vice Commander
American Legion, Dept. of New Jersey

Vincent Kane
Wilmington VA Medical Hospital

Bernadette E. Blackstock
CEO, President
People for People Foundation

Dr. Hanaa Hamdi
New Jersey Community Capital
Michael Deblasio
New Jersey Community Capital

Wednesday, November 10, 2020

11:45 AM - 12:45 PM | Session 2

Medicaid and Housing Supports, A Game Changer

For people finding or maintaining a permanent home receiving housing support services is critical. For agencies who provide these services the opportunity to receive Medicaid funding to deliver them is a game changer.


 Marcella Maguire
Health Systems Integration Director
Corporation for Supportive Housing

Being Seen and Heard, Voices of People with Lived Experience

Learning from the experts, Peri Nearon, Executive Director of the NJ Division of Disability Services (DDS) will moderate a panel of advocates who will share their challenges, hopes and dreams.

Peri Nearon
Executive Director
New Jersey Division of Disability Services (DDS)

Jennifer Langer Jacobs
Assistant Commissioner
Division of Medical
Assistance and Health Services
New Jersey Department
of Human Services

Michelle Brophy
Associate Director
Rhode Island Department
of Behavioral Healthcare
Developmental Disabilities,
and Hospitals

David Bridge
Director of Housing Programs
Arizona Health Care
Cost Containment System


Rob Ethiers
Deputy Director
Money Follows the Person Program
Rhode Island Executive Office of Health and Human Services


Susan Biegen
Family Advocate
Hanneh Kalyouseff
Advocate and Community Leader
Marlene Brockington
Jesse Schwartman

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