The House of the Five Friends, LLC

Posted 3 weeks ago

County: Morris

Municipality: Hanover

Special Requirements: Minimum of NJCAT Tier C for resident to be added to the waiver (funding used for staff). 

Unit Description: 1-Bedroom in a comfortable, privately owned/shared house with each family owning a 1/5th share of the house. 

Availability Date: Immediate availability for either a male or female resident. 

Contact for Listing Information: Patrick McIvor, brother/guardian of one of the “Friends” – 908-693-5967

Supportive Services: A support agency is in place and a well-trained, caring, and long-term staff that are hired by the home. 

Additional Notes: The House of the Five Friends is an independent house, privately owned and operating for 22+ years in a loving, family-like environment. The organization hires its own staff, and funding for staff and other normal living expenses come from DDD allowances and the Friends’ Social Security funds. 

  • Buy/Rent/Share: Share
  • County: Morris County
  • Municipality: Hanover
  • Supportive Services: Supportive Services Available