Mission Statement

Representatives from the banking community, NJ state government as well as the SHA membership have agreed to formulate a body with the goal of expanding the number of units of affordable housing with supports for people with disabilities and other special needs.

The group acknowledges that the growing need for affordable housing impacts the special needs population, and that more must be done to encourage critical and creative thinking leading to investment strategies to expand the housing stock in the state.

The council deliberates and thinks strategically about specific investment tools that will grow the supportive housing industry and strengthen the capacity of for profit and non profit developers to create housing of sufficient size and scope to accommodate larger numbers of people throughout NJ.

Particular emphasis is placed on the chronically homeless, persons in state institutions in need of housing and the many individuals with special needs living at home with aging parents without housing alternatives. Mixed use, market to affordable, integrated housing, subsidized housing as well as innovative models and financing will be discussed and incorporated into the council’s deliberations.

The council works with state and local government and other resources to connect the provision of supportive services, in keeping with federal and state standards, where new housing stock is created for eligible individuals.

Note: This is an invitation only meeting