SHA is proud to announce the launch of the Affordable Housing Data Project (AHDP). While progress continues in the creation of affordable housing in New Jersey, persistent municipal data gaps have challenged developers in creating meaningful partnerships and accessing municipal funding. The AHDP aims to collect and assemble critical municipal information in one easy-to-access database hosted by SHA. This new data tool will bridge the gap between resources available for housing development and the organizations who are working to create that housing.

The table linked here displays available data reported by municipalities in NJ. All information is presented directly from available municipal sources and current as of the posted report year. This will be an ongoing project as more data becomes available. SHA is proud to partner with Fair Share Housing Center on this project to facilitate housing development in the state.

Any questions on the Affordable Housing Data Project may be sent to Joseph Christensen at

The Affordable Housing Data Project has been made possible through the generous support of Valley National Bank, M&T Bank, and the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York.