The NJ Housing Navigation Project (NJHNP) will expand access to affordable housing for the most economically challenged households in NJ. The project will include the creation of a Housing Navigation Best Practices Report, Library and Toolkit based on both nationwide and local research.  People with lived experience and a range of organizations will guide the Supportive Housing Association of New Jersey's work to better understand both successful strategies and barriers to service delivery through the establishment of a multi-sector collaborative. 

The collaborative will work together to identify changes, opportunities for shared resources, and coordinated services to establish guidelines for NJ.  Finally, with lessons learned through the practical use of resources and application of guidelines, the collaborative will provide a set of recommendations for funding, procedure and policy improvement guiding efforts to make affordable housing accessible to many more individuals and families throughout New Jersey. 

Questions?  Please email Kate Leahy at

We're looking for social service professionals who work to connect low-income clients to housing, generally through work with landlords, property managers, etc.  Does such a role exist within your organization?  If it does, we'd appreciate it if you would reach out to Kate Leahy, Project Manager at to let us know.  Thank you.


This initiative was funded by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA.)