Agenda, Minutes & Presentations

We are pleased to share materials presented at SHA Membership meetings. Content copyrights are held by presenters and presenting organizations.

April 1, 2020            Agenda                               Minutes

Presentations: Updates from CSH – Courtney Christenson and Patricia Hernandez

February 5, 2020            Agenda                               Minutes

Presentations: The Medical-Legal Partnership Model – Erika Kerber, Esq. Director of Litigation, The Federal Landscape and New Opportunities – Sarah Brundage, Senior Director of Public Policy from Enterprise Community Partners and Arnold Cohen, Senior Policy Analyst

October 2, 2019               Agenda                               Minutes

Presentation: The CCBHC: An Innovative Model of Care for Behavioral Health – Lisa Lawson, LCSW, Director Catholic Charities of Trenton, Michael D’Amico, LCSW, Vice President, Oaks Integrated Care,  Mary-Catherine Bohan, MSW, Vice President, Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care

August 14, 2019               Agenda                              Minutes

Presentations: Alana Vega, ACNJ – Gearing Up for the Census, Renée Koubiadis, APN-NJ – Garden State Leaders, Katherine Brennan, NJHFMA and Michael Cassidy, NJCDC, – NJHFMA Hospital Partnership Program, and a panel of SHA Members who manage housing vouchers.

June 5, 2019                     Agenda                              Minutes

Presentations: Lorna F.M. Runkle, ACT-Cess USA, Inc. Succeed with Grant – Funded Staff Training, Deborah Wehrlen, Research and Author Building the Foundation for Housing, Services and Supports: Best Practices Opportunities

April 3, 2019                    Agenda                               Minutes

Presentations: Dominic Sardilli, Cort Furniture, Furniture that helps make a difference; Tom Stanuikynas, Local Planning Services, Department of Community Affairs, Getting to Know DCA’s Community Asset Mapping Tool; Deborah E. Cornavaca, Deputy Chief of Staff for Outreach, Office of the Governor – State of NJ, Building up Quality Care without Driving up Costs 

February 6, 2019            Agenda                              Minutes

Presentations: Opportunity Zones: A National and Local Perspective: Olivia Barrow, Policy Analyst, Enterprise Community Partners Inc. and Marie Mascherin, Chief Operating Officer, NJ Community Capital. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

October 17, 2018            Agenda                              Minutes

Presentations – Mercedes Witowsky – Executive Director, NJ Council of Developmental Disabilities, Access for All– Jim Thebery, Director of Bergen County Division of Disability Services; Dave Moore, Executive Director Mental Health Services for Inspira – Materials; Health Network M25 Annual Report

August 1, 2018                Agenda                              Minutes

Presentations: Planning for Senior Housing, Melissa Chaulker, Executive Director, NJ Foundation for Aging; What Other States are Doing Right, Kristin Miller, Director, CSH. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

June 6, 2018                    Agenda                             Minutes

Presentation: Prioritizing Disabilities Rights – Iraisa C. Orihuela-Reilly, Senior Staff Attorney, Disability Rights New Jersey

April 4, 2018                    Agenda                              Minutes

Presentations: Foothold Technology & case study; Meeting People Where They Live – Ken Regan, Vice President, Regan Development; Building Capacity – What does your organization need to advance its mission? –  Tyler Manley, Senior Manager of Nonprofit Engagement, CatchaFire – information