SHA DHS Budget Listening Session Testimony – December 2021

SHA Testimony DHS Budget 2022-2023

SHA Budget Testimony – April 2021

SHA Budget Testimony 2022 Assembly

SHA Budget Testimony 2022 Senate

SHA Budget Testimony – September 2020

September, 2020

SHA Budget Testimony 2021 Assembly

SHA Budget Testimony 2021 Senate

SHA Consolidated Plan Recommendations

July, 2020 – SHA’s Consolidated Plan Recommendations presented to Department of Community Affairs, Division of Housing and Community Resources – SHA provided input for future planning related to the housing and community development needs of the state.

DHS Budget Listening 2019 

December 13, 2019 – Budget Recommendations presented to the Department of Human Services

SHA Budget Testimony

March, 2019 – presented to the Assembly Committee and Senate Budget and Appropriations about people in NJ living with special needs.

Letter from Diane Riley and Joseph B. Young

January, 2018 – the Affordable Housing letter to Hon. Phil Murphy, Office of the Governor, Hon. Stephen Sweeney, President NJ Senate, Hon. Craig Coughlin, Speaker, NJ General Assembly, Hon. Sheila Oliver, Department of Community Affairs

SHA’s Commentary on NJ Family Care Waiver

July, 2016 – SHA’s Commentary on NJ Family Care 1115 Comprehensive Waiver Demonstration Renewal Application